Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yesterday, I went to a friend's to play piano duets. I put in my contact lens. I only wear one most days. When I ring handbells, I wear a special "bell lens" in my left eye so I can read music across the bell table.

Anyway, when I left for my friend's house, my vision was a little blurry but I figured it would clear up during the drive. I even went in the house to take out just to be sure it was in.

Luckily, I know the way really well so I didn't need to read any signs or anything. I mentioned my blurry eye to my friend and said it was lucky I had an appointment with my ophthalmologist Thursday. She said she had one the same day but her's is 8:30 and mine is 9:30 so I guess she'll be doing the eyedrop thing when I first get there. Very strange that we should set up such similar times.

An aside about my ophthalmologist...I've been going to him for nearly 28 years. My husband first found him when I was playing the organ at this little church. I had been there practicing on a Saturday and the minister's cat came in and walked across the top of the organ. I am very allergic. When Sunday rolled around my eyes were glued shut. I had to call around for a substitute organist and my husband called around for an eye doctor. On Sunday morning, there weren't any and our local hospital hadn't been built yet so there was no close-by ER to go to. This doctor, who had never seen me before, agreed to open up his office and see me immediately.

I have been indebted to him ever since and I've told all my friends about this kind doctor. When I was first scheduled for NIH testing pre-op, I told them that I couldn't come for that start date because I had an appointment with this doctor and I didn't want to break it.

[aside over]

Anyway, I got home and checked the case - I had the correct eye cover off and the right eye lens in.

So, I took the lens out, cleaned it very carefully and soaked it over night. Today, the eye was blurry again. On a hunch, I tried the lens in the left side of the case and it worked.

Guess I must have been so tired when I took out my left lens on Sunday after ringing bells that I put it in the right side of the case without thinking.

Today I have a massive headache, probably from squinting all yesterday.

At least I'm not going blind, just yet!