Friday, July 4, 2008

Cushing's Clinical Trial

Cushing's Syndrome Clinical Trial Qualification Questionnaire

See if you are a candidate for a breakthrough Cushing's Syndrome clinical trial
About the Seismic Study

The SEISMIC study is a Phase III, multi-center study of Corlux for the treatment of endogenous Cushing's Syndrome.

It is a 6-month study with daily dosing of the investigational drug, Corlux. It is open label, that is, no placebo is required. The protocol includes about 13 clinic visits. After the 6 month treatment period is over, patients return for a 6-week follow up visit.

The study will enroll 50 Cushing's Syndrome patients at approximately 20-25 sites in the US.

The SEISMIC study is seeking patients who require medical treatment for endogenous Cushing's Syndrome due to ectopic ACTH syndrome, adrenal tumors, adrenal hyperplasia, or Cushing's disease when they are not candidates for pituitary surgery or who have failed or recurred after pituitary surgery.

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