Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fatigue (Golden Oldies)

I wrote this March 29, 2004

I know about fatigue for sure. Last Monday, I slept until 1:30 PM, only got up because I felt guilty about being in bed, still. Then I took 3 naps during the afternoon, then went to bed at the normal time (11:30 for me)

Friday, I slept through my 12 noon student's lesson. I was mortified when I heard the door and she was there. I offered to get dressed, but she went out shopping instead.

I have told most people but they still don't get it. Many days I don't walk down the driveway to get the mail because it's too far - about 3 car lengths - so I get it if I'm going out the next morning.

I have blood pressure meds at the grocery 1 mile away I never picked up for the last week. Well, you get the idea.

I ordered some stuff I saw on TV, a "once daily tablet to fight fatigue", Altovis, but I doubt it will work on this type of fatigue.

People just don't get this. My husband will say something like "drop this off at the FedEX office". Just thinking about doing that is like going to the ends of the world. And I put it off. I put most everything off, and everything is even harder to later.

I wish I had some answers. I do suspect that GH is the answer for me, but to get it is a major challenge. There is some headway, though. My previous endo sent me a bill for my records - maybe that means he's finally going to send them. If he does, I could see Dr. Vance. Of course, I could call Dr. Neiman at NIH and remind her that they'd "be happy to retest me".

I'm kind of dreading this weekend, trying to think of when I can nap in all the activities going on at UVa and Dara's. I missed most of Portland, being asleep, or nodding off during meetings.

I know I'm lucky to be alive and "cured" of Cushing's but I don't think that this is much of a life sad.gif I don't feel qualified to post on the Success Stories board, even though, by the numbers, I'm free of Cushing's.