Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm testing my new tiny computer

I just got an Asus eee 900 computer, partly because my son got one and it was so cute...and small! I'm always looking for smaller laptops especially for traveling. I debated with myself for a long time. Linux or XP. The XP version had less hard drive space but I plan to bring all my Cushing's and other files on jump drives anyway.

When I got a coupon for $100 off the already very reasonable price...I was sold! $450 for a 2 pound computer. And no Vista. A definite plus.

This thing could fit in my purse and I could take it everywhere. Maybe I will! My son says he takes his all over the place.

One of the programs pre-installed on this is Windows Live Writer. I'm composing this entry using this program to see how/if it works. I deleted a lot of the other stuff I know I'll never use.


I was playing around with it and it also has a little camera should I ever want to take a picture of myself using the computer AND it has a webcam! You can use it to take videos or you can use it in comjunction with something like Skype so...I now have a Skype account. Maybe my son and I can do video chats. LOL

Who knows what else I will find today...

There are a ton of reviews at and I think I've read them all.

There is already a 901 which has a bit more stuff than I got, same HD size, though. That does have a larger battery but I'd already ordered one on eBay. Since my new eBay battery is $51 (and more powerful than the one that comes with the 901) and with the rebate my computer is $150 cheaper, I still come out ahead!

Also, they now have a 1000 which has an 80 GB hard drive BUT it weighs a bit over a pound more than mine. And that's approaching my last "light" computer. So, it's a trade-off again - weight VS hard drive size. I think when I'm taking this travelling I'll very much appreciate not having the extra pound.