Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kidney Cancer News

Kidney Cancer News from my email

The Kidney Cancer Association is adding to its library of patient-focused publications. Starting in July, a new print edition of Kidney Cancer News will be mailed periodically to patients and their families. This glossy newsletter will include updates on new therapies, highlights of research efforts, and a calendar of important events for patients. The inaugural issue will also include a summary of key announcements from the recent American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting. Kidney Cancer News will also be available on line at http://www.kidneycancer.org/.

With the inaugural issue of our new print publication, this monthly email newsletter will shift its focus to the critical topic of research, with helpful, current, information on clinical trials, including how to participate, why trials are important, and what to anticipate. In addition, this e-newsletter will list trials that are looking for participants, often with Web site links for more information.

IL-2 Select Trial
Recent research has suggested that certain patients may respond better to Il-2 than others. The Cytokine Working Group is currently conducting a clinical trial that aims to confirm this research and research and narrow the application of IL-2 to those patients most likely to benefit. This trial is being conducted at 14 treatment centers in the United States that specialize in giving IL-2. To learn more about this trial and for a list of treatment centers where it is being conducted please click here now.

Phase II Sunitinib in Patients with Unresectable Renal Cell Carcinoma IRB# CASE 17806

This study is to: 1. determine the percentage of patients with renal cell carcinoma and unresectable primary tumors who can achieve sufficient primary tumor response* to undergo nephrectomy after sunitinib therapy, 2. evaluate the safety of sunitinib in patients with renal cell carcinoma and unresectable primary tumors, including analysis of the morbidity of surgery, and 3. evaluate the objective response rate, time to disease progression and overall survival of patients with renal cell carcinoma and unresectable primary tumors, All treatment and surgery will be held at the Cleveland Clinic . Eligibility and “unresectability” will be determined by one the institution’s urologic surgeons. Click here to learn more now.

A Dose Escalation Study of MDX-1411 to Treat Advanced or Recurrent Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma
MDX-1411 is being developed by Medarex for the potential treatment of ccRCC (clear cell renal cell carcinoma), which accounts for 75% of all renal cell cancers. Studies have shown that an antigen (CD70) is highly expressed in renal cell cancer. To learn more about this trial, please click here.

Why Orange?
You may have noticed the color orange on the Kidney Cancer Association's website and in this month's newsletter. Orange is the new, vibrant, color representing kidney cancer survivorship and awareness. The switch to orange is intended to coincide with our expanded focus on cancer survivorship. In color theory, orange represents health and vitality, whereas green may be associated with illness. Hence, the change from green to orange. As part of this survivorship initiative, we have adopted the color orange to protect it and the words "kidney cancer" as part of our pending registered trademark.

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