Tuesday, July 15, 2008

UK: Keyworth Woman Sets Up Cushing's Syndrome Support Group

Keyworth Woman Sets Up Cushing's Syndrome Support Group

A woman has set up a support group for people with Cushing's syndrome.

Lisa Gold, of Keyworth, said people can often feel isolated when they have been diagnosed with the condition.

Typical symptoms can include weight gain, stretch marks on the stomach, rounding and reddening of the face, high blood pressure, weakness of muscles in legs, bruising, headache and dizziness, a thinning of the bones and a mild form of diabetes.

Mrs Gold said: "It is a hormonal condition, where a tumour is on the pituitary gland, caused by too much cortisol in the adrenal glands.

"Because it is hard to detect, I had been feeling unwell for six months prior to my diagnosis."

Mrs Gold has had surgery twice to try to remove the tumour but this has not removed all of the cells.

She has also had chemotherapy three times.

Mrs Gold said: "Because it is a complex disease, you often feel tired, down and alone."

The support group meets at Ormiston House, in Pelham Street, in Nottingham, and is open to patients and family members from Nottingham and the surrounding areas.

For more details contact Self Help Nottingham on 0115 911 1662.

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