Tuesday, July 22, 2008

STF-62247: Molecule That Kills Kidney Cancer Cells

Sorry there's so much about kidney cancer right not and not as much about Cushing's but that's the way of the Google algorithm!


STF-62247: Molecule That Kills Kidney Cancer Cells

A molecule called STF-62247 has been discovered by Stanford University School of Medicine researchers to be toxic against kidney cancer cells but is generally harmless to most other cells in the human body.

According to Amato Giaccia, PhD, professor and director of radiation oncology and radiation biology at the medical school:

“You now have a potential means of going after a disease that’s been difficult to treat. There is no effective chemotherapy to treat renal cell carcinoma. Patients still succumb. Clinical trials could begin “in the next couple years”.”

Above findings are published today in the journal Cancer Cell. Hopefully this discovery will in the future lessen the surgery option for kidney cancer treatment.

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