Monday, July 28, 2008

Electronics and Health

A while back I posted about my WiiFit in a post called Just Mii and My Shadow... Sine the Music Camp experiences, I've gotten out of the WiiFit habit but I've also started a Nintendo DS program called My Weight Loss Coach.

image I just started doing this today and it was kind of interesting - better than the games I usually play, anyway! Maybe by the end of the year or so I'll actually lose some weight and / or get some more energy. Either or both would be great.

I'm sure that this program gets harder as time goes on. They didn't want to put people off the first day.

Now, I have to restart the WiiFit after too long a hiatus.

It's amazing how easily the excuses come. I couldn't do this because of music camp, because of the dentist, because of an eye doctor appointment, because I was napping...

So - wish me luck as I try to get healthier.