Thursday, July 17, 2008

Awake again

I'm awake again, even though I'm tired, exhausted from Music Camp - only 2 days left! WooHoo.

Back when Dr Dori did her BlogTalkRadio interview she suggested again that I might like to look into a drug used for people with narcolepsy called Provigil. I know that other Cushing's patients use this drug to help the stay awake during the day.

I was talking to my son tonight about how music camp was wiping me out during the day and he told me about another drug that he'd tried similar to Provigil that helped him when he had to stay awake while working on his Ph.D.

The more I read about this stuff, the better it sounds but I'll have to convince my kidney cancer surgeon that it would be ok for me to try. He's very conservative about what would be good to take, to protect my kidney from any further harm. I can't even take aspirin!

It's a quality of life thing, though. If I take this med, how many minutes/days/hours would it shave off the life of my kidney? I'm already sleeping about 8 hours a day more than my husband does. So, if one pill got me back say 4 hours and only took 1 hour off the life of my kidney, that would be a fair trade-off.

But, there are so many variables and I doubt that anyone, including my doctors, can tell me this kind of info.

But it's sure tempting!