Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pressure Cooker

I am feeling pressure from so many sides, people want me to do this for them, husband wants me to do that for him, house needs everything done.

Now a website that deals out "seals of approval" that I had on my site wants me to jump through hoops. I have long had their seal on my Cushing's site. Over the weekend they complained that they couldn't find the "contact us" form, that they didn't believe I had updated many pages in one day, that some of the medical links were out of date.

I wrote back, explained how I was updating the whole site from HTML to css and trying to do as many pages as I could per day. I sent them the link and told them that it was on the menu on ever page TWICE.

They thought that the contact form seemed to be "beta" Huh? It works, it's been up for years. They wanted a date when the update would be complete. Since I've been doing that since last August, I have no idea when I'll be done. And I can't go test every %#$& link in every article on the thousands of pages of website.

So, I said I was removing their seal. Enough. I cannot deal with this stuff anymore. I have enough pressure in my life, everywhere. I don't need more from other websites!

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