Friday, July 4, 2008

Just Mii and My Shadow...

I just love our Wii Fit. I've had it for just over a month and I'm actually working out on it most days. I've lost some weight and my clothes are getting a little looser. Not bad for someone who is not a "workout" person. In my pre-Cushing's days I worked out at the gym nearly every day but, of course, I didn't lose any weight because of the Cushing's.

I have belonged to gyms since but it was always a hassle to drive somewhere, get dressed, shower, drive back. With the Wii Fit I can just do a little here, a little there, but mainly here, in my own home. no spandex required. And, it's fun, too. A friend has taken to coming over and using it, too.

I'm not a runner at all with my bad knees from years of arthritis but I can finally do the whole short run without stopping to rest. Way (or should I say Wii?) cool!