Friday, August 15, 2008

A Week from Tomorrow, etc.

We're finally going on vacation. Although I don't technically have a "job" I do work hard on my Cushing's sites and other blogs.

I've been stressing lately about taking that assistant music director's job. I finally decided I would and that I'd pray hard that they would get a new music director and I'd be "unemployed" again. i still don't know for sure if I can handle this job. Friends say I can't, hubby says I can (or should be able to!)

The job application came today and I filled out it but it made it seem somehow more real than volunteering.

Then, there's the puppy to be considered. I know she will take time and energy that I already seem to have a deficiency in. But she's so darn cute!

So, I'll be glad to get away for a couple weeks before all the chaos starts. Maybe they will have found a new director and I'll always be off the hook. If not, I'll do the best job I can.

The Cushing's stuff will have to slide some more, I guess. I'm already about a week behind in bios; a day behind in getting last night's podcast/iTunes formatted.

I saw my kidney cancer doctor yesterday. That appointment went fairly well but he offered me a "little procedure" to help with an issue I'm having. I said no thanks! I also (temporarily) to meds and will try to deal with this on my own.

He thinks I can go a few more months without a CT scan. This is always good news/bad news to me. I'm always glad not to go for scans but I worry when I don't. What's growing; how fast?

He took a sample and, hopefully, there's nothing in there that shouldn't be.

Oh, for the stress-free life. It's coming a week from tomorrow...