Sunday, August 3, 2008

Spread The Word! Those Awareness Bands do it again

I was at a party yesterday where I knew no one except my husband. This party was for one of his business partners' mother's birthday. So, there were some people there my husband knew from the office, and lots of family members who had come in from all over to make this a family reunion of sorts.

And, as usual, I didn't know a soul. I am not the best talker even when I do know people, but there I was.

At some point, someone asked me about my bracelets and it was a perfect opportunity to tell her about Cushing's and kidney cancer.

I wear my blue one for Cushing's on my right arm, since my tumor was on the right side. I'm so glad when we started having these bracelets that we decided on the blue with yellow letters. I think if we'd have the yellow, people would just think that they were for Livestrong.

This wasn't the first time this happened. Years ago, I was at an event where I didn't know anyone (that seems to happen a lot) but people saw my Cushing's bracelet and asked about it and I was off. Hmm, maybe I should carry brochures with me!

My husband is running into more and more people with an interest in Cushing's and he does carry brochures with him - at least in his car.

Then, after my kidney cancer I got the green bracelet for my left arm, where my cancer was - guess I'm out of arms for rare diseases!

Wearing these bands is a really good way to spread awareness for these diseases, much better that I would have thought...and it gives me something to talk about at parties!