Monday, August 4, 2008

Exhaustion, again

Today, we went out to "our" farm again. We've been members of this CSA (consumer supported agriculture) farm for 13 years now.

It's wonderful! They deliver fresh, in season, no pesticides veggies, various fruits and berries from May through October, once a week. The other days, we can go out anytime we want and pick whatever is available.

I love just going out there, even if I don't feel like picking. It's wonderful to get away, out to "our" farm, and see the animals, and the veggies...very soothing and healing.

farm The first year we belonged, I did a comparison study of several of the local stores, and carefully weighed everything. The farm was a bargain.

In addition to getting all this stuff, we've made some new friends, I've tried some new veggies and herbs - and I think it's important to support the small local farmer like this - and to have a source of food that hasn't been sprayed with chemicals.

Anyway, we went out again today. We haven't been so much since our son went away to college. But just driving out into the country is so refreshing.

For the last several years, I've had trouble getting back from picking stuff. I could hike out to the fields ok and pick but coming back, I'd have to stop and sit by the side of the dirt road, sometimes even lying down. After a while of this, I found that taking an extra Cortef would help. I found that eating a raw green pepper would sometimes help, too. I don't know if it was the heat, the walk, the 'work" of picking or some combo that caused this to happen.

Today seemed better. We went to the peach orchard and picked about 10 pounds of peaches which we took back to the car. My husband wanted to stop by the blackberries - just a little out of our way. I wanted to take the farm wagon out for the blackberries. In addition to the field we knew, there was supposed to be a new one, further away.

So...we got back to the car and put our peaches away. We waited a while for the wagon but my husband got impatient and wanted to walk back to the berries. I gave him the boxes and told him I'd wait on the porch, in a rocking chair, in the shade, thank you.

I finally summoned up some more energy and went out and helped him finish the blackberry picking. On the way home, we were talking about how I seemed to have more energy, that I had made it back after the peaches but I reminded him that it was cooler than it often is and that the peaches were about halfway to the fields where we've usually picked vegetables. So, maybe my energy level isn't really any better.

We got home about 5. And I napped until 9:45. Some improvement - HA!