Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tempestuous ;;

Tempestuous ;;: "Today's Saturday and here I am, in the Pediatrics Emergency Ward with my very last shift!

We had two cases of vomiting yesterday, both with unusual diagnoses.

Sadly, we diagnosed one of them with a brain cancer in a 2 year old boy. The nurses had a gut feeling that 'he just didn't look right'. True enough, when the CAT scan results came back, it showed a tumor in the posterior aspect of his brain. Mum was heavily pregnant with her second baby, and the nurses told each other to keep an eye on her whilst my doctor ahd to break the news to both mum and dad. They were afraid she might go into premature labor.

In that one day by itself, it was a day of interesting unexpected, atypical disorders you rarely ever see.

In that one day, we had a malaria patient, extremely rare over here. A newly diagnosed brain tumor in a 2 year old. An Addison's disease whereby due to lack of a hormone, the patient progressively becomes more bronze/brown in color- but his parents were totally unaware and brushed it off as being tanned easily...! In an 8 hour shift. And of course, the usual cases you see-constipation, lacerations, falls, fevers,etc...

It was so sad. When we all saw the tumor in the poor boy's brain. They were about to leave here for their hometown by plane far away, but that obviously had to be postponed."