Thursday, August 21, 2008


I'm finally caught on the Cushing's web site work, the bios, new/updated doctors, podcasts, guest speakers. I just have some bracelets to get sent out and that's it before vacation.

Now I have to tackle the packing, paperwork for the new job (and notarize/deliver that) pick up the meds for the UTI... I still don't have them yet. The infection is probably raging through my body by now.

The puppy is taking more out of me than I thought, energywise. And I hate to leave her home alone (in her crate) for too long so I'm putting off the outside errands but I'm running out of time. Our plane leaves at 7 AM Saturday so I don't have any of that day to accomplish anything, just today and tomorrow.

But the Cushing's work is done - for now. Whew!