Sunday, August 3, 2008

survive the journey: Cushing's Help is on the (BlogTalk)Radio Network: Got yer ears on?

survive the journey: Cushing's Help is on the (BlogTalk)Radio Network: Got yer ears on?

Thanks, Robin for that great post on your blog!

My comments were:

Yes, of course I'm out here!

I don't remember exactly how these came to be regularly on Thursdays but I think it was because of the long-time regular text chats on Wednesday nights and that I always had handbell rehearsals on Tuesdays.

I remember also that it was nearly a full year before these interviews started that we were talking about how to start a podcast of some kind but not quite sure of how to do that.

I must have been talking podcasting because the Christmas of 2006 my son got me a book on podcasting as a gift. I remember reading it and thinking it was way too complicated. LOL

You made that short podcast on "Diurnal variation in diagnosing Cushing's" in December last year then the first of the year we had our first test podcast where you interviewed me and then we were off...

I remember being terrified at first, and being so well prepared with the person's bio all printed out and advance questions to ask.

Now, when I'm hosting, I pretty much just wing it.

I do think that this is a great way to help spread the word. Last time I looked at the stats, we had over 6,765 on BlogTalk alone. That's nearly a thousand listeners a month. I have no idea how many people listen through the main site or on iTunes.

Personally, I have all these interviews on my iPod so I can listen/re-listen anytime or, if I go to a Cushing's meeting, I can play them for people who may not have a computer.

I think that they're always interesting and I know I learn something new every week. And, amazingly, there's been no dead time where no one could think of anything to say.

One thing I like about these interviews is that listeners can call in with their own questions or comments or, if they wish, they can sit in the chatroom and post what they'd like to say in there and it can be introduced into the conversation.

BTW, I love that broadcasting logo. Can I borrow that sometime? I don't like the one I've been using which is just the ribbon with Cushing's Help Podcast across the top of the ribbon.

Thanks for all your help with these podcasts, Robin. I don't think that they would have gone as far as they have without you hosting/co-hosting and your support. Surprisingly, there is more behind the scenes work that goes on promoting upcoming chats and getting finished ones on iTunes but I think it's all so worthwhile.

So...thanks for all your input, help, knowledge, willingness to talk and just being there. You're a great "Cushie Crusader"!