Friday, August 15, 2008

Cushing's: Spread the Word!

I get Google Alerts for "cushing's" as well as several other search terms.

Today's were all our people smile.gif

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Extreme Thirst

Does anyone else suffer from EXTREME thirst? If so how much do you drink per day? What volume did you produce during your UFC's? And do you know why you are so thirsty? I am always thristy!!! All day long, every day, even more so on ...

From the Cushing's Help and Support... -

Pituitary Cancer - What is it - How Do We Treat It | Information ...

By MaryO(MaryO)
Pituitary Cancer - What is it - How Do We Treat It | Information and Resources for Cancer: "Causes Although the exact cause is unknown, a predisposition to Pituitary tumors may be inherited through an autosomal dominant trait. ...
Cushing's & Cancer -

Ouch........that hurts, Dr. Rob....
By Robin(Robin)
Because it made me despair more for those attempting diagnosis and treatment for Cushing's. For anything, really, but this is the cause I have taken on because I have been there. Am there, and will be there. Ask Lisa....she knows: ...
survive the journey -

Tentative Interview with Joselle - Aug 21,2008
She writes in her bio: "I am a 48 year old female recently diagnosed with Cushing's...
Disease caused by a pituitary adenoma. It's taken a few years to finally come to this diagnosis. I had a series of symptoms which were indicative of a
CushingsHelp -