Thursday, August 7, 2008

Too Much

A friend and I were talking yesterday about my compulsion to always be "first". We (actually she) decided that it was because my parents never complemented me and this was my way of somehow being "best"

My counselor and I were also talking yesterday - a big talking day yesterday! - about me hoarding clothes and other stuff and we (actually she) decided that it was because my mother never let me buy new clothes. They always came from rummage sales and were ill-fitting and never my choice. So, today, I buy clothes I like, some I never wear, but I have some control.

Then, there's the Cushie Blogger thing. I couldn't leave it alone. We have the logo, we have the lists at the side of the pages and on the message boards. But there's now also a blog for the blogs. AACCKK

I need to calm down a little. Maybe there's a little OCD there. I don't like adding extra work for myself but I always seem to.

For example adding bios to the Cushing's site would be "enough" but I have to add them to an RSS feed, put them in alphabetical order, listed by type of Cushing's, add them to a list of other bios, put them into a newsletter, add the person's name to the locations list...

No wonder I'm always tired!