Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sleep, tired, nap, Sleep...

Seems like an endless cycle of either sleeping or being sleepy, napping or dozing off.  I miss the olden days when we used to have "project weekends" and get so much done, things built, rooms organized, going places, doing things, living.

My life now seems like it's a prelude to death.  I mostly can't stay awake for anything.

Yesterday I just slept most of the time.

I got up this morning and went to church - my kiddies sang at the first service, then another group rang at the second.  I left right after the bells and was home by 11:15AM.  And I napped until I had to leave for rehearsal at 4:45.  Home by 6:15 and - napped until dinner.  Ate and slept during TV. 

What a bore I must be.  Can't go anywhere, or do anything because I'm too tired. 

I cancel piano students because I'm too tired to clean stuff off  the piano before they come, don't call friends because I don't have the energy to talk. 

We run out of stuff because I'm to tired to go to the grocery and I can't remember when I vacuumed last.  And dust is everywhere.

Not that I'd spend my time cleaning if I had it but I'd like to make the choice myself what to do and not just depend on my lack of energy.

Maybe sometime I'll take a pile of Cortef and be done with it.  I'll gain my Cushie weight back again but maybe it would be worth it.