Thursday, November 6, 2008

Historical Notes from OHSU: Gimme Shelter: round one

Historical Notes from OHSU: Gimme Shelter: round one: "Cushing, Harvey, 1869-1939.
Tumors arising from the blood-vessels of the brain : angiomatous malformations and hemangioblastomas / by Harvey Cushing and Percival Bailey.
Springfield, Ill. ; Baltimore, Md. : Charles C. Thomas, 1928.

OHSU copy with signature of A.J. McLean.

A beautifully ilustrated monograph based on 29 cases of one of the rarest and most interesting groups of intracranial tumors. 'Cushing shared the authorship of this monograph with Percival Bailey. It contains the first extensive classification and description of angiomatous malformations and haemangioblastomas. The detailed and profusely illustrated case reports are, like all of Cushing's case reports, a course of instruction in themselves.' Heirs of Hippocrates, 1163; Courville No. 527; Fulton p.563; Walker No.516; HC 14"