Tuesday, November 18, 2008

CT Scan, 2

Sheesh!  I drank all the barium like a good little girl and got to the hospital in plenty of time.  I filled out all the extra paperwork as requested.

Finally got back to the CT scan room.  ESL person asks why I'm supposed to be doing this with contrast.  I told her why my doctor, my specialist wanted this.  I wasn't doing it for fun.

She said, well, I've never had contrast before for CT scans.  I said that my doctor wanted it this time.

She said I'd had 4 CT scans for kidney stones since 2006, never had contrast.  I said I'd had 1 scan for kidney stones.  After that, they were all related to my kidney cancer.

She asked if I had my BUN/creatinine results.  I said that I didn't have that test done recently.  She said that since I was having iodine contrast they would need to be sure my kidney was functioning.

I said that my doctor had not ordered iodine contrast.  He knew I was allergic, it wasn't needed for this test, just the barium.

So, she went to talk to the radiologist who called my doctor who knew what he was doing when he wrote the order in the first place. 

I went back out and waited during this conversation.

She finally came back and said that my doctor didn't want the iodine contrast dye, just the barium because I had only one kidney.  Hello!  That was what I said in the first place but I'm just a patient and how could I know.

So, too much time had passed since I finished my barium at 11:30AM and I had to drink more.

The CT scan lasted for about 10 minutes after all that.