Sunday, November 9, 2008

I just liked this Motto


It seems that there have been so many storms in my life, some major, some little summer showers.

I guess everyone has these storms, but it seems so much worse when it's happening to us.  I know I always have felt so alone with my various things, whether they be illnesses or anything else.

When I had Cushing's, there was no one else around who had ever heard of that, even in dogs.  It was something that "no one" got, therefore I couldn't have it, either.

When I got kidney cancer, I wasn't supposed to get that, either.  I was supposed to be  an older man of a different race who smoked and had polycystic kidneys.  According to my family history,  I was supposed to get colon cancer.  Maybe I still will.

I think the feeling that we are alone with whatever is a universal thing.  I see it on message boards all the time, people thinking that they are the only person to have whatever symptom.  But they aren't.  Lots of people seem to be dealing with all kinds of things.

Thanks to the Internet, more and more of us are able to find each other.  I've been able to find other Cushing's sufferers, some who have had Cushing's even longer than I have.  there are younger women with kidney cancer, too.

Thanks to the Internet - it's helping me, and lots of others, dance in the rain.