Monday, November 17, 2008

CT Scan Time

I'm sitting here drinking my berry smoothie barium, getting ready for a CT scan this afternoon of my abdomen and pelvis.

It's partly because of my kidney cancer that I'm having this and partly because I was having pain in my left side and now in my right, too.

My kidney doctor is concerned about the left side pain because of it's location near the colon.  I have a strong history of colon cancer.  Both parents and my aunt had it, twice each.

The right side pain is something newer, up in the ribcage area.  It started by feeling like my liver or some other organ was being pinched by my ribs when I bent over but now it seems to be a dull ache, there all the time.

Hopefully, they won't find anything but the yummy barium smoothie will help tell the tale!