Friday, September 26, 2008


I have been so busy posting news items, keeping up with the other blogs and websites that I haven't really posted about how I'm doing lately.

I'm pretty exhausted from my new part-time job and I hope they hire someone soon.  I don't mind the computer/office stuff but I' don't think I'm doing all that well with my directing groups.  One of these groups is supposed to be ringing in church next Sunday and I don't think they'll be ready.

My new puppy is keeping me busy, too and I'm running home from the job or elsewhere to get her outside before she has an accident and I'm not always successful.

Water aerobics is going ok.  I've managed to make it to the first 4 classes.  We'll see if I can continue with this.  I like the class but it's just taking up so much time, driving there, the class, the hot tub, the shower, then running to work.

I'm using my days off for medical appointments.  Today was a mammogram and dexa scan.  I haven't had a dexa since Cushing's.  I know I'd lost height then.  I wonder how much more I've lost!

In a couple weeks is my appointment with my endo.  I wish there was more he could do for me, without my kidney cancer doctor blocking whatever but I'm kinda stuck.  This doctor says I should take thus and so.  The other doctor says it's bad for me.  Doctor 2 wants to do a little "procedure".  Endo says that might be too much stress. 


I just want to be reasonably healthy and live for a few more years in relative comfort Cushing's and cancer-free.  Is that too much to ask?