Monday, September 8, 2008

House Arrest: Stuff and Nonsense

House Arrest: Stuff and Nonsense: "...I might still have an autoimmune disorder but she suspects the main problem is with my pituitary. She sent me for some additional bloodwork -- it was funny because she kept debating about which tests to send me for as she didn't want to go for anything 'unnecessary' as she obviously thought my previous doctor had done -- and I have a follow up on Wednesday. If the stuff for the pituitary shows up, then I get an MRI. If not, we can begin treating the thyroid.

I just feel overall better because a) I feel I was finally listened to as a patient and b) there is an end in sight. I don't know how far away it is, but she assured me that we would get to the bottom of it. She said we would treat each thing one at a time, and that she knew it'd be frustrating for a little bit but that we'd get there...."