Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Amateur Bot-ann-ist: Cushing's Disease

Amateur Bot-ann-ist: Cushing's Disease:
"Not sure if I have mentioned here that I have Cushing's Disease. The tumor was found a year ago, but it wasn't large or dangerous enough to be removed back then. In the last year, it has done some odd and horrible things. (My health has made it nearly impossible to garden so currently I am weaving on a lap loom.) This week I will be checking in with the doctor again, and we will be looking into what to do now. This will involve more tests to get an accurate picture of the situation.
Pictured here is my Cushing's belly. This year I gained a lot of weight, then I lost about 15 pounds, but my belly continued to grow during this. In the last few weeks it has grown quite a bit and now it seems to have taken on a life of its own. I am getting worse almost every day. (The other night I had yellow jaundice circles on the skin around my eyes. If you have ever wondered what jaundice looks like, think, chicken fat.) When combined with an autoimmune disease like hereditary angioedema it really is hell-like. At least I have some new shoes, if only I felt like moving."