Sunday, September 7, 2008

Life happens...: Busy, busy, buys.

Life happens...: Busy, busy, buys.:
..."Okay, I will have to make this quick, I really need to head to bed. Lots has happened in the past few days. We finally got the results back for Joshua's growth hormone stimulation test. It showed that his growth hormone levels are fine but that he is producing to much Cortisol which the doctor said that if the body produces to much that it can also inhibit growth. She than said to make another appointment in November to see if he has made any progress, if not she said she was going to have him start receiving growth hormone therapy. Well, I will need to call the doctor back because all the research I have done for the Cortisol in toddlers came back for either Cushing's Disease or a tumor. Hopefully this can get resolved soon, pray!"...