Sunday, September 7, 2008

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on de way ther,im even getting myself gulung-ed as if im a sushi roll...face colour totally changed n voice box terkeluar vokal salah...when i arrived,de 1st thing i do is 2 go 2 de toilet...n again u guys noe wad happen again...until my named in called" TRACY WONG SIN YOONG" i slowly walk into de room n sit infront of de doctor...1st thing de doctor asked me "r u dat big size since small??" i wuz like "huh???" thinking*wtf r u trying 2 say???* im so pissed off as im so in pain n u r asking me dis kind of question...mum noes im pissed so she answer bhalf of me..."nono,she is nt! oly since form 2/3" i think de doctor noes im pissed so he said "im sorrie 2 say dat coz i suspect dat u r having a kind of hormmone prob wic is called CUSHING SYNDROME" i wuz like wtf r u talking u expect ur patient 2 understand each word u say??? in a medical term i wuz lke"so in conclusion i was having a terrible diarrhoea 4 de past 2 days n its getting worse each hour min n addition i had terrible stomach stoming in de centre of de stomach too" he said "as wad iv expected, u r having all these wic a person who is suffering frm cushing syndrome has" he explained in detailed wad is cushing i wuz numb as im having all those unusual situation wic a healthy person wouldnt hav...i almost cried bt i i said" wad shud i do nw???" he answered "u need a full body check up in futher n if u r really having it den u would hv 2 prepare urself 4 it.." i terkejut when i heard de word -prepare urself 4 it-! i wuz thinking m i dying very soon?? i wuz even mor scared n didnt noe wad 2 do...he said "gurl dun b 2 scared of it,wad i mean is u wil hav difficulty in having babies in de future if u r planning 2 hav"im released! i tot im going 2 die pulak...i wuz thinking*who cares if i dun get a baby in de future???i dun plan 2 hav any at all...MUAHAHAHHAA"*mum n dad gt so worried 4 me as it is a serious matter if a gurl is nt getting pregnant...i understand hw dey feel bt nothing 4 me...haha doctor den said"due 2 ur current condition,it would b better if u could get a full body check up n treat it asap..if it is very serious den it would lead 2 certain 4 ur condition,i would say it is quite serious ,it is dangerous if it is too serious n it might cause death!" i wuz so worried n i couldnt get into slip n rest myself 4 later...promised dear n gang 2 hv our usual group study..exam jus started n im getting myself sick...haizz..till nw im stil in pain...below r de explaination of de sickness dat i might kena / already kena...

Symptoms include rapid weight gain, particularly of the trunk and face with sparing of the limbs (central obesity), a round face often referred to as a "moon face," excess sweating, telangiectasia (dilation of capillaries), thinning of the skin (which causes easy bruising) and other mucous membranes, purple or red striae (the weight gain in Cushing's stretches the skin, which is thin and weakened, causing it to hemorrhage) on the trunk, buttocks, arms, legs or breasts, proximal muscle weakness (hips, shoulders), and hirsutism (facial male-pattern hair growth). A common sign is the growth of fat pads along the collar bone and on the back of the neck (buffalo hump) (known as a lipodystrophy). The excess cortisol may also affect other endocrine systems and cause, for example, insomnia, reduced libido, impotence, amenorrhoea and infertility. Patients frequently suffer various psychological disturbances, ranging from euphoria to psychosis. Depression and anxiety are also common.[2]
Other signs include polyuria (and accompanying polydipsia), persistent hypertension (due to cortisol's enhancement of epinephrine's vasoconstrictive effect) and insulin resistance (especially common in ectopic ACTH production), leading to hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) which can lead to diabetes mellitus. Untreated Cushing's syndrome can lead to heart disease and increased mortality. Cushing's syndrome due to excess ACTH may also result in hyperpigmentation. This is due to Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone production as a byproduct of ACTH synthesis from Proopiomelanocortin (POMC). Cortisol can also exhibit mineralcorticoid activity in high concentrations, worsening the hypertension and leading to hypokalemia (common in ectopic ACTH secretion). Furthermore, gastrointestinal disturbances, opportunistic infections and impaired wound healing (cortisol is a stress hormone, so it depresses the immune and inflammatory responses). Osteoporosis is also an issue in Cushing's Syndrome since, as mentioned before, cortisol evokes a stress-like response. The body's maintenance of bone (and other tissues) is therefore no longer one of its main priorities, so to speak. It is also important to note that Cushing's may elicit hirsuitism (male-pattern hair growth in a female) and oligomenorrhea (decreased frequency of menstruation) due to elevations in androgens (male sex hormones), normally at low levels in women.
The syndrome in horses leads to weight loss, polyuria and polydipsia and may cause laminitis.