Thursday, June 4, 2009

Holy Moley!

I've always had a lot of moles.  They run in the family.  When I was going to my prom, the only comment my grandmother made when I showed off my dress was that I'd "inherited the family moles".

I had a bunch of them cut off while I was in college and it was free to do through the infirmary.  When I moved here, I found a doctor who would give a group rate for 5 or 10 removals.

A couple weeks ago, maybe a little longer, I noticed that a mole on my neck seemed to be flapping a bit.  I have this really great purse that I love and the strap comes in about that area so I assumed that the mole was irritated by that.  Then, I noticed a red lump underneath and it was a bit itchy.

Even my husband noticed this mole and recommended that I go to his skin doctor.  I looked him up and he's a plastic surgeon.  I was afraid if I went to him, he'd want to redo my face!

So, I decided to go to my GP to see if he could remove it (he removed a piece of glass from my foot once) or give me a referral.

So the doctor says he can see this thing from across the room.  I sat on his little table for a closer look.  Turns out my "mole" was a tick.  I've had a tick sucking my blood for at least 2 weeks!  No wonder I've been feeling more tired than usual.

He removed the tick and he - the tick - is sitting in a jar on my dining room table.

I had a Lyme Disease titer and we'll see on Monday if I need to change the name of this blog to Cushing's, Cancer & Lyme.  I sure hope not!

As Gilda often said - "It's always something!"

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