Thursday, September 10, 2009

Follow up to past posts

I just went to my PCP as a follow up to the CT scan I mentioned in Time to address the cancer again? and Something Else?

I'm still not sure that the tick living on my neck (Holy Moley!) didn't have anything to do with my current enlarged lymph node but my PCP didn't think that it did.

I'm still a bit nervous about this - I hate reading scan reports - but my PCP said if it wasn't keeping me up at night with worry, we could do another scan in November to see if the node was still growing or not.  If it is, we do a biopsy then.  If not, we scan again in a few months.

So, I decided to wait.  My other option was doing the biopsy now.  I'll put that off for the time being, thank you!

Thinking Happy Thoughts that nothing is happening that shouldn't be...

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