Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pituitary Tumors Discussion with Dr Roberto Salvatori

Johns Hopkins endocrinologist Roberto Salvatori, MD, talks about pituitary tumors and treatment options.

Program Notes:

0:20    Pituitary called master gland
1:13    Hormones produced by pituitary
2:12    Referred by internist, dentist
3:04    Clinically significant tumor more common than thought
4:06    Incidentalomas
5:09    Medication and hormone use
6:13    Way of replacing most hormones
6:45    Surgical indications
7:31    Most cases access through small incisions
8:40    Sometimes surgery required later
9:20    A few genetic syndromes
10:15  Very important to see expert
11:00  Ongoing studies
11:37  End


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