Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Addison's Disease – Will Your Insurance Cover the Price of Therapy?

Addison's disease was first described by Dr. Thomas Addison, whom the disease is called after, in 1849. Also known as adrenal insufficiency, Addison's is a malfunction of the adrenal glands which causes the glands for fail to supply sufficient of the hormones cortisol, aldosterone, or both. It's an uncommon condition that is typically brought on by harm to the gland by an autoimmune dysfunction or an infection. It is a considerably silent disease in that the signs progress so slowly that the particular person does not realize they've the disease till they expertise a very stressful scenario and the adrenal gland fails to supply sufficient hormones to help the physique deal with it.

The primary remedy of Addison's disease is through medication. Patients are prescribed hormone replacements resembling hydrocortisone or prednisone for cortisol insufficiency and a mineralocorticoid for aldosterone insufficiency. Depending on the underlying explanation for the disease, secondary remedy may be necessary. For example, autoimmune issues are the principle explanation for Addison's. Therefore, your doctor could prescribe additional medications and treatments to handle that downside as well. Cancer of the adrenal gland is also a explanation for this disease and you may need surgery and chemotherapy to do away with the cancer.

Insurance firms will probably cowl the cost of your medical care since remedy typically entails doctor's visits and medication. You will most likely be scheduling common appointments along with your doctor, so when you find yourself searching for health care insurance coverage be sure to evaluate the cost of copays for office visits. Additionally, you will want to find a plan that may pay some or the entire cost of your prescription drugs since there is no cure for Addison's disease and you will be on treatment for the rest of your life. Having your insurance coverage firm decide up the tab will save you money over the lengthy term.

Addison's disease is classed as a preexisting condition. Therefore, if you change insurance policy you may be subject to a ready period or end up paying increased premiums to your plan. To help you discover one of the best deal within the shortest amount of time, use a medical health insurance quote web site to get insurance coverage quotes from a number of providers. You will be able to do a facet by facet comparability of the completely different plans supplied which is able to make it simple to see how a lot you will be paying out of pocket to deal with your illness.

Untreated Addison's is potentially fatal but, with the correct medical care, you may reside a protracted and healthy life.

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  1. My brother was born without any adrenal glands and almost died before he even had a chance to live. His diagnosis was addisons for lack of anything else to call it. His case study has been included in medical texts to help better understand how to diagnose this illness.
    His projected life expentancy was maybe 14 yrs. however, he lived to be 42 yrs. old.
    He had a rough time of it, but he accomplished many personal things before he died and I was lucky to have known him.