Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Preoperative Elevated Serum Growth Hormone is Preventive of Osteopenia in Postsurgical Patients With Pituitary Somatotroph Adenomas: Comparison With Clinically Nonfunctioning Adenomas

Sasaki, Mitsuyoshi MD, PhD; Okazaki, Ryo MD, PhD; Inoue, Daisuke MD, PhD; Nakashima, Michi MD; Ide, Fuyuaki MD; Nakaguchi, Hiroshi MD, PhD; Yamada, Shoko M. MD, PhD; Hoya, Katsumi MD, PhD; Murakami, Mineko MD, PhD; Mizutani, Akiko PhD; Okinaga, Hiroko MD, PhD; Matsuno, Akira MD, PhD


To investigate the influence of preoperatively elevated growth hormone to bone mass in acromegalic patients, bone mineral density (BMD), and urinary type I collagen N-telopeptide were analyzed in postoperative patients with somatotroph adenomas (SA), in comparison with patients with clinically nonfunctioning adenomas (NF). The mean T and z scores of BMD in the radius of postoperative patients with SA were significantly higher than those of postoperative patients with NF. There was no significant difference in the mean T and z scores of BMD in the lumbar spine between postoperative patients with SA and those with NF. Thus, BMD in the radius is preferentially maintained in postoperative patients with SA. This result suggests that the preoperative elevation of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1 are beneficial in the maintenance of bone mass in acromegalic patients.


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