Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cushing's Help Newsletter, September 16, 2009

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In Memory: Leader of OSU campus ministry dies at 49

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Adrenal Glands

Now I know what it feels like to have a gun held to my own head: Ameera MacIntyre's battle with a brain tumour

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Pituitary Awareness Week

Endo News: From isolated growth hormone deficiency to multiple pituitary hormone deficiency: an evolving continuum. A KIMS analysis

Endo News: Disordered and Increased Adrenocorticotropin Secretion with Diminished Adrenocorticotropin Potency in Obese in Premenopausal Women

Endo News: Hypercoagulable State in Cushing’s Syndrome: A Systematic Review

Endo News: Diminished and irregular thyrotropin secretion with delayed acrophase in patients with Cushing’s syndrome

Endo News: Growth hormone replacement in adults: interactions with other pituitary hormone deficiencies and replacement therapies

Endo News: Temozolomide treatment of a pituitary carcinoma and two pituitary macroadenomas resistant to conventional therapy

A young writer with much to say

Endocrine Diseases

New and Updated Helpful Doctors

New and Updated Bios

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