Friday, February 20, 2009

No comment but...

I hope this isn't typical of your current nursing school graduate!

She (I'm assuming it's a she) is planning to move to NYC after graduation because it's more money to start with.

Good luck, NY Cushies and Addisonians!

i've wanted to become a vet all of my life, but i firmly believe a career as an rn will only help me.  there are so many similarities between animal and human medicine... for example: cushing's and addison's disease.  cushing's disease is an overproduction of cortisol.  you have a "buffalo hump" (or cushion, easy way to remember cushing's) on your back, your face is swollen ("moon face"), your torso is obese, and your legs and arms are sticks.  very disproportionate. 

addison's is the opposite: underproduction of cortisol.  a person will be very skinny and gaunt, and look like they have a thyroid issue because their eyes are all bugged out.  i think hands and feet swell, can't remember.  regardless, these are actually somewhat popular diagnoses in animal medicine with dogs.  or at least one of the vets i used to work for thought every dog had one or the other.

i just can't wait to graduate and wear all of my cute scrubs.  i'll take pictures lol.

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