Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's Nice She's Getting The Word Out But... would be nice if facts were checked first.  Both in the description of the video and in captions throughout from the CNBC interview, it says that the subject had "Cushings disease that created a brain tumor" rather than that she had a pituitary tumor that caused her Cushing's.

Oh well.  Maybe Ms. Perkins-Rawle will help people learn about Cushing's who were unaware of this debilitating disease.  THEN they, and she, can learn which comes first - the tumor or the disease.

Carol Perkins-Rawle on The Big Idea on CNBC part 1

Founder and Owner of Harry Barker talks about her international modeling days, her struggles with Cushings disease that created a brain tumor, which then inspired her to create Harry Barker.

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