Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Something else?

I just got the mail results of last week's CT scan. No comments, just the hospital report. Naturally, this came after the doctor's office closed for the day so I have no one to talk to - just Google - and that's trouble!

The "good news" My multiple small pulmonary nodules are stable. They're in both lungs.

The bad, hopefully not too bad: "An anterior mediastinal lymph node has increased in size".

Google has all kinds of stuff from infection somewhere to sarcoidosis to SLE to to Bell's Palsy to lymphoma.

What infection? Could this be that tick bite coming back to haunt me?

From http://lymphoma.about.com/od/symptoms/f/largenodes.htm "The best test to determine whether a lymph node has lymphoma is a lymph node biopsy. A needle aspiration is an easier option but does not give the doctor all the details he may need for treatment. See the article on Lymph Node Biopsy."

Doesn't sound like fun :(

Keep telling yourself it's nothing. Stop worrying. I couldn't possibly have something else!

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  1. Mary, I hope it IS nothing! Sorry they left you hanging like that! I'm sure it's worrisome.