Friday, August 14, 2009

Why my house is a mess, part 2

I don't think that the stimulating music would be enough to get me moving.  My post-Cushie slugdom needs a bit more than that.

Oh well - not much new here.

Part 1 is here.



When facing inertia toward doing boring jobs, a variety of solutions is possible. Several, but not all, are geared to stimulating the adrenaline level
so you will be more interested in doing what needs to be done, boring or not.

• Put on stimulating music: polkas, marches, rock, whatever happy music gets your blood (and adrenaline) flowing. Knowing there is an end to the music also
encourages you.

• Make a commitment with a time limit to somebody.  The pressure will stimulate your spirits. Some people call a friend or place a fifteen minute challenge on
the internet. After fifteen minutes or so, they get back in touch either by phone or email and report how they have done.

• Change your thinking. Tell yourself that although this part of the job is boring, it is a part of a larger and exciting project. Perhaps the CD, Create Your Dream and Live It, created by Sandra Felton will help you transform your thinking. Find it at\deo/create_your_dream_and_live_it_1/

• Give yourself a reward when you finish the job.  Make a special long distance call, take a friend to lunch, buy a body splash or piece of costume jewelry or whatever makes you happy.

• Attach your boring job to something interesting. Listen to a taped story you enjoy. Listen only when you are doing your filing, cleaning the kitchen,
or whatever. You will be glad to get back to it the next day to see what happens.

• Set up an automatic routine that includes the boring job. Habit takes over and gives a boost.  In this approach, the less emotionally involved you are, the better.

• Finally, if possible, consider getting someone else to do the job: a cleaning lady, a hired teenager, or a family member. You may have better contributions to make to the family. Or you may just find that when you work along side someone else, the job is much easier.