Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Psoriasis Lotion Lessens Need for Prescription Steroid Creams

Shielding lotion, a new skin care breakthrough from Skin MD Natural offers hope for millions in U.S. suffering from Psoriasis

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) 9/25/2009 -- Psoriasis is an incurable inflammatory disease of the immune system, which according to the National Psoriasis Foundation affects over 7.5 million Americans. The foundation also reports that currently 3.2 million people are undiagnosed. A dermatologist should be consulted to provide treatment options such as an over-the-counter psoriasis lotion in combination with prescription medications.

Dermatologists commonly prescribe topical steroid creams despite the number of negative side effects reported. The New Zealand Dermatological Society Incorporated has published that sufficient steroid absorbed through the skin may result in adrenal gland suppression and/or eventually Cushing's syndrome. The use of these creams has also been linked to causing a thinning of the skin, perioral dermatitis, enlarged blood vessels, and easy bruising of the skin.

The use of a shielding lotion can help reduce the amount of steroid cream needed to effectively treat a flare-up. Dr. Peter Helton, a board-certified dermatologist based in Newport Beach, CA says he prescribes a combination of steroids to handle the inflammation along with a moisturizing cream. Helton explains, "A shielding lotion like Skin MD Natural combines the medication with a sealant that keeps irritants out and helps the skin to heal. We get faster results and the patient uses less medication. Hands down, a shielding lotion works better than any conventional creams."

Key to improving the quality of life experienced by patients is a management and treatment plan that reduces symptoms coming with a lifetime of flare-ups. Symptoms of psoriasis include red or silver patches of scales, skin lesions, and dry cracked skin prone to itching, burning and bleeding. A shielding lotion such as Skin MD Natural locks in the skins own natural moisture reducing dry skin and other symptoms experienced.

Based on years of scientific research into how the skin works, Skin MD Natural shielding lotion differs from conventional psoriasis lotions by improving the skins own natural protection against the penetration of irritants. This outer layer is frequently stripped away by common household products, harsh soaps and antibacterial agents. Skin MD Natural becomes part of the outer layer of skin working to restore this natural function.

About Skin MD Natural & 21st Century Formulations

Beverly Hills, California based 21st Century Formulations is leading the way in dry skin care with the creation of their shielding lotion line, Skin MD Natural. Shielding lotions are a new concept in skin care that have been tested and proven to be unlike anything else on the market. The effectiveness of the skin lotion and the strength of the company's management commitment and product support, have resulted in it becoming one of the fastest growing internationally distributed product companies based in the United States.

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