Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Win An Acer Netbook While Spreading The Word About Kidney Cancer

It's easy!  Click here and Juby and Carrie will show you how it's done.  Help us expand our survivor community and raise awareness about kidney cancer by posting videos on YouTube and sharing your story.  Here are just a few examples of topics for your video: 
     ♦ Pay tribute to a loved one who lost his or         
        her battle with this disease 
     ♦ Honor someone who is in the fight 
     ♦ Share your story of survival 
     ♦ Tell us how you are helping to raise awareness 
     ♦ Share your experience on a clinical trial or 
        approved therapy
Instructions: Submit your video to YouTube and email us the link to your video.  Instructions for uploading a video can be found on the YouTube website.  You can even do it from your cell phone.  There is no limit on length of videos or number of videos submitted. 
Eligibility criteria: All videos must include the key words "Kidney Cancer Association" and our web address, www.KidneyCancer.org, somewhere in the message.  Videos must be submitted by Friday, March 20th.
Winner selection criteria: Video with greatest number of views wins. For those who submit multiple videos, number of views will be determined by the cumulative total of views from all videos.  Hint: increase number of views by sending a link to your video(s) to friends and family, posting video(s) on social networking sites, etc.
Prize: Acer Aspire One Netbook with built-in webcam and winning video featured in Kidney Cancer Association’s April e-newsletter.

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