Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thanks and An Apology

Thank you again to all who "voted" for me.

I now feel that this was a whole scam for them to get more members for their site so when they sold it they would make a bigger profit.

This site has been all over the Blogging Community and Twitter since yesterday. There's a great summary here: 

I feel like I was duped and I'm a dope; the fat, ugly girl who is suddenly wooed by the football captain and nothing good comes of the affair.

I'm very sorry for those of you who signed up for this site to vote for me in this contest that turned out to be rigged.

I've emailed the owners of the site, both old and new, and requested to be removed immediately. They want to call me to "talk about it". No way!

I've changed my name on the blog, should you go there, and the blog URL now goes to That should get me off their site at once.


Thanks to Robin for this great new "logo"!

1 comment:

  1. Well, they might not of been honest in what they did, but we were all proud to vote for you. And through the voting process maybe some folks found your blog just when they needed to. And if you were duped, it looked like you had good company.
    Don't feel bad about it.