Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another blog mentions Cushing's

From the blog at

...There's still the chance that things might not go as I'd like them. My medical record is a big red mark against me, and I may or may not be able to join because of it. I've gotten a number of iffy responses on the subject, though the recruiter I'm working with seems fairly confident that all I'll need is written off by an endocrinologist and I'll be fine, since I'm not currently displaying symptoms and I'm not on medication or anything because of it. So we'll see on that. In the mean time, however, my gallbladder definitely disqualifies me, but I'm having that out November 21st, and after the post-surgery waiting period I'll be otherwise sound of body and able to actually enlist when I get a yes or no on the Cushing's thing....