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Real Talk: Psychological Process of Illness, part 1


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Real Talk: Psychological Process of Illness

Part I 

This Segment will be broken into two sections. Part I will be provide an open opportu-
nity for participants to ask relevant questions around the emotional/mental issues in
living with a chronic illness. Participants will be able to openly talk about depression,
anxiety, trauma, and other processes that occur when living with illness. Part II will
focus on seeing ourselves as survivors of illness and the process of staying empowered
through illness that impacts us in such a powerful way. Principles of empowerment and
how one can turn adversity into opportunity will be discussed. This segment should
create an environment that is non judgmental and motivating. 


  • Handouts coming
  • Resources
  • Interactive exercises
5 stages of loss, Elisabeth Kubler Ross
  • Denial and isolation, suppressing real feelings, avoiding people, doctors, people may avoid YOU, act well so others will stay around.  Don't get mail, answer door...
  • Anger, Why me?, spread to others, hostile, empathy.  Make patient feel valued  and understood.  Loss of control, feel weak, life is unfair, no one understands, length of time to treatment, unconscious past hurts
  • Bargaining.  Reward for good behavior, I might not be sick if... Maybe I deserve to be sick.  Does not work
  • Depression.  Great sense of loss. Physical symptoms, finance loss, loss of job, loss of same role in house. Problems increase, depression increase.  Share meaning of life.  Meaning of life
  • Acceptance. Not confused with happiness  hope persists.  You need people around you who are hopeful
Trauma and chronic illness
Normal, chronic
APA and chronic illness


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