Monday, April 22, 2013

A Show About Cushing's on TV

From my email:

We haven’t personally spoken for a while, but I wanted to share one of our recent efforts to increase awareness about Cushing’s.

To help spread the word about Cushing’s syndrome, we [Corcept Theraputics, makers of Korlym] coordinated with Lifetime TV to develop a short segment about Cushing’s syndrome. We were able to supply 2 guests to help bring the disease to life. Sara Cook, a patient with Cushing’s disease shares her personal story and her success with a medicine that blocks the activity of excess cortisol and Dr. James Findling shares his personal medical expertise. The Balancing Act segment will air tomorrow April 23 [note: it's showing several other times, as well.  Check your listings!] on Lifetime TV at 7:00 am EST and 7:00 am PST. After it airs, the episode will also be available on the Balancing Act website, . You can see the promotional segment at the following link: . The segment will initially be seen by the daily 500,000 mostly female audience… helping to spread the word about Cushing’s. It will get further viewership online and through online linking. We were hoping to have the segment air on Cushing’s Awareness Day, but they weren’t able to accommodate, so we got as close as we could.

In addition to the audience viewership, we hope this segment helps demonstrate our support and commitment to the Cushing’s community.

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