Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PNA Webinar: "Diagnosed with a Pituitary Tumor: What Next?" Available OnLine

The webinar presentation by Aaron A. Cohen-Gadol, M.D., M.Sc. on April 21st, entitled, "You Have Been Diagnosed with a Pituitary Tumor: What Next?” was a rousing success!

Participants from around the country included patients and physicians alike. Unique to this presentation was the technology he employs with hi def camera and the ability for the audience to view not only his slide presentation but to see him as! His presentation included valuable information specifically about surgical options for treatment. In addition, participants were able to type questions during the presentation so Dr. Cohen-Gadol could respond. It is a rare opportunity to be able to ask poignant questions of a physician with such a level of expertise! And, being able to actually see the presenter live as he is talking made for so much more of a personal encounter! Very positive feedback was received from those who signed-on saying such things as, "This is amazing!" "The picture quality is wonderful!" ...and many more praises.

This presentation covered the following:

Dr. Cohen's one-hour presentation explains the diagnosis of a pituitary tumor. He briefly reviews the medical and surgical treatments available, in order to help you make better decisions.

Meet the Webinar Presenter:

Aaron A. Cohen-Gadol, MD, MSc
Neurosurgeon, Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine
Indiana University Department of Neurosurgery
Indianapolis, Indiana

Dr. Cohen is a neurosurgeon at Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine and Indiana University Department of Neurological Surgery. He has a special expertise in surgery of pituitary/skull base tumors and cerebral aneurysms. Dr. Cohen completed his medical school at the University of Southern California (USC) and Neurological Surgery Residency at Mayo Clinic. He also completed fellowships in aneurysm and skull base tumor surgery.

Dr. Cohen tackles some of the most challenging brain tumors and aneurysms microsurgically using advanced minimally invasive technologies with an expectation of best results for the patient. He was voted the Health Care Hero of the Year in the State of Indiana for leading the efforts to advance surgical care of brain aneurysms and tumors previously considered inoperable. He leads numerous research efforts to advance the care of the patients with brain tumors and aneurysms.

Pituitary Tumors: General Information for Patients from Aaron Cohen-Gadol on Vimeo.