Thursday, February 3, 2011

We Can Do It!

Adapted from an email from Tom O'Connor to a third party:


We can do it.  We are facing some obstacles but we will chart our way through the dangerous terrain. 

And we will... help you build a happier life.


The links below take you to my wife Mary O’Connor’s story. 

Mary went from working alone researching a rare disease in a library (pre-Internet)

To diagnosing the illness herself

To finally finding a doctor who agreed with her

   (After seeing a dozen or so who did not and who prescribed measures that would have failed and led to her death)

Then to  a successful operation at NIH, one of 4 places in the world which could do the operation

   (We rejected the Mayo Clinic and the other two candidates)

Then to founding a non-profit organization that puts out vital information on this rare disease to thousands of members throughout the USA and in dozens of countries around the world.


That looked impossible also back when Mary was reading medical research papers in a library.

But it is now accomplished and saving lives  and  growing every day.


The impediments facing you now will similarly yield to determined and purposeful action.

We already have the diagnosis and we have selected [treatment], the best and most proven treatment program n the world.

We will build success one day at a time by following this program together.

When it is clear that  we are winning, the crowd will gather, many of them saying how they knew all along we would win.

We of course will welcome them.

We will overcome all obstacles  in our path; working around them; or going over them; or through them. 

  (Alert obstacles will get out of our way)


Tom O’Connor


MaryO, pituitary success story
(Cushings/Success Stories)

... the Ladies Home Journal magazine which said "If you have these symptoms...ask your doctor about Cushing's". After that, I started reading everything I could on Cushing's and asking my doctors. Due ...