Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Sheesh!  As Gilda said,  it’s always something!

I get a lot of email, mostly from people who are having trouble doing something on one of the websites, who want me to do something for them, very rarely just to see how I am.

Anyway, this one takes the cake.

A person went to the Cushie.info site and went to the Contact Us page and filled out this form http://cushie.info/index.php?option=com_contact&view=contact&id=3%3Amary-oconnor-maryo&catid=6%3Amembers&Itemid=7

The site is clearly about Cushing’s from the URL to the text to the name of the organization.

She sent me this email (which I ignored when it came in December) AND forwarded it to me again yesterday, presumably because I had ignored it.

How could I possibly help THIS person?

subscription problem

My old subscription was in the name of S E and I have received 2 duplicate issues so far.  My old subscription expires in February, 2010.  Please acknowledge that you have received this and that the problem is being addressed. 

I renewed my subscription for Family Circle and they have my name wrong. It is S G on the new subscription and I received 2 mags for December. My previous subscription was either in the name of S E, M E, or S E. Please extend that subscription for the 12 months. Thanks, S E

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