Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Twenty-two Years

Today is the twenty-second anniversary of my pituitary Cushing's surgery.  It seems like I should be feeling better by now, right?

Sure, some things are better although I'm hard-pressed to say which.

My endo says I don't have Cushing's anymore, so that's a good thing.

I do have a growth hormone deficiency, I'm panhypopituitary and have adrenal insufficiency.  Kinda like the old jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

One thing cured, 3 others added.  Hmmm - I'm not sure I like the math.

Supposedly, I have a slightly longer life expectancy because the tumor is gone...but the GH deficiency can take away up to 5 years, the kidney cancer can take away more so I'm losing ground on that, too. 

Because of the cancer, I can't do anything about the GH deficiency.  Because of the treatment for the GH deficiency, I might have gotten the cancer in the first place. Catch 22.  Interesting that this phrase coincides with the anniversary number.

Then, I often wonder - is life expectancy only about years? What if there's no quality?

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  1. Mary, I'm so sorry that you're still sick after all these years. You are SO awesome and have helped SO many people (myself included). Sending mad hugs and luv your way.