Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update on Pituitary Surgery to be Twittered

The surgery is scheduled to be Monday, April 27 starting around 9AM Central time.

Ok here is the "skinny" (get my humor haha) on the health reporter Kay Quinn -- Twittering of my Surgery by Channel Five (the St. Louis KSDK affiliate). It is MY understanding that she will be doing a play by play through the whole thing -- beginning around 9am -- but you all know how surgery times go. Central Time.

You can follow the actual real-time twittering by going to

It would be great if you could actually sign up to Twitter and follow it so that she knows that individuals are paying attention smile.gif

They were just at my office with a camera and did a GREAT interview! I do not know when the story itself will air. I will update you guys when I know...... I did mention this website and she wrote it down!!! So hopefully they will air that!
Here is Channel Fives info:

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